Let’s Talk Weddings

It was attraction that brought you together with the love of your life, and that notion of chemistry is involved when you choose the individuals who play a part in your magical wedding day. Sometimes “you just know.

When we sit down with you to discuss what may be the most important day of your life, we look for that spark, that connection that says we hear you and we understand what you want. Your wedding videography is your lens to the garden of sensations that surround you the day you say, “I do.” It’s more than just the wedding centerpieces and bridal portraits. The best wedding videographer captures the unspeakable joy you experienced that day.

When you seek out an Orange County wedding photographer or you search for California wedding video experts, you might not be sure what to expect. The first thing we do is sit down and talk with you – but mostly listen. Part of capturing what you want on film is a discussion of wedding venues and other possible locations for shooting footage for your wedding video. Are you having an outdoor wedding? We can offer some ideas for destination weddings if you want to escape to Hawaii or take your guests on a cruise.

When we look at your wedding invitations we can work out a timeline that works best for you. Are you planning a winter wedding? Or is your wedding date just around the corner? You’ll find we’re both flexible and knowledgeable, more than willing to share our experience with you at this stage. When we get down to logistics, we can explore details about the ceremony. How do you want your wedding vows incorporated into your video? What are your wedding reception ideas? Every couple’s story is different, and the best wedding videos reflect that personal narrative.

Wedding Planning Is Fun

While you taste wedding cakes and pick out wedding favors, we get to work on the production side of things. Our focused, inventive industry experts create a proposal for you by blending the dreams you have for your big day with the production capability at your venue.

Would you like the wedding music to be a part of your video? Or do you prefer that wedding songs and other aspects, such as prayers, be left out of the video footage? Sometimes brides have a designated area for wedding videographers during their ceremonies also. Your preferences are our top concern. This will be your dream day.

You can be sure we seek the most cost-effective way to shoot an artistic, original piece that will stand the test of time. Our team collaborates and pulls together the many contacts and resources we have in the industry to offer you a proposal outlining the story and concepts. There we can present all the requirements to execute each of the concepts in your customized video, including the project schedule.

Great! Let’s Film Your Wedding

When you choose a package and we lock in a schedule, our crew takes care of the technical aspects of your wedding day. We film b-roll, aerial footage, conduct interviews, if that’s part of your plan. With us, your wedding cinematography is beyond compare. The cutting-edge videography equipment we use creates a cinematic quality that even the most artistic wedding photographer cannot attain. And we work with subtlety – staying on the sidelines to be sure we aren’t part of your story. It’s you that’s center stage.

We work with patience, focus and originality to capture the best moments as you begin your life as a married couple. Even the obvious – wedding dresses and flowers – deserve the utmost attention. We feature every detail, from the bridesmaids’ illusion sleeves to that enviable form in your fitted mermaid gown. Are your wedding rings platinum or gold?

Is your wedding bouquet a cascade of roses? Or are you carrying them pageant style? From the nosegays your attendants carry to the wedding decorations, we cover them all. When you’ve spent your energy poring over blogs for wedding ideas and soliciting advice from experts to choose wedding shoes and find an artistic wedding photographer, you want everything perfect. So do we.

Video Wedding Delivery Is Fast And Easy

After a moving ceremony and a memorable wedding reception, we present all the footage for your project to our editorial team. This USC-educated team of experienced editors organizes the shots to combine them with the music that fits your style and tells your story. We use voiceover technology and the most modern post-production techniques to achieve the highest quality wedding videos in Los Angeles and throughout the state.

In addition to wedding videography in Los Angeles, we’ve worked for years on large scale film and video projects. If you’re looking for an Orange County wedding videographer, you’ve got a knowledgeable crew with Coldea Productions. We’ve done film work at nearly every venue you can name.

Once we edit the first cut, you get to see it and offer feedback to be sure our direction dovetails with your desires for your keepsake video. We typically offer you two edits to the first cut, this way we eliminate the risk of going outside the project schedule. You can address any structural changes to the video and confirm the music selection and graphics.

The final phase includes color correction, audio/sound adjustments, and other finishing touches to present you with the most original, captivating wedding video you ever imagined. We want your wedding video to reflect you – your own personal, soul-stirring depiction of your greatest day on record. We guarantee that we generate an appropriate, tailor-made package. Marrying your ideas, concepts and hopes in your final product is what we do best.

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